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Interventional and Functional Pain Medicine

Interventional Pain Medicine and pain treatment is a very complex and precise discipline. The primary goal is to reduce or relieve your pain. Chronic pain can seriously affect your life, interfere with work, relationships and the ability to pursue sports, hobbies and other types of interests.

You know what the pain feels like and we know how to help

Our goal is to provide both mental and physical pain relief as patients with chronic pain often develop depression. Interventional Pain Medicine may delay future surgery or decrease pain completely for a limited period of time. In some cases, pain can be totally eliminated allowing you to return to a full and active lifestyle!


Dr. Fabian A. Ramos

Interventional Pain Medicine
Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice

Who is Dr. Ramos?

The Ramos Center was founded in 1999 by Dr. Fabian A. Ramos. Dr. Ramos is one of the first Board Certified Specialists in the United States to be recognized by the prestigious World Institute of Pain. He is also a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, which is primarily the specialty that pioneered Interventional Pain Medicine.