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Appointment request

Please note that this is a request and you will be contacted by a staff member for an actual time and date of appointment. If you have not heard back from our office or need immediate assistance please contact our Scheduling Coordinators.

For New Patients:
Noraelisa Q.

Phone: (941) 708-9555  {ext 104}

For Established Patients:
Suzi M.

Phone: (941) 708-9555  {ext 105}

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Appointment Cancellation form

Please be aware there is a $50 Cancellation Fee if less than 24 hour notice is given to cancel an Office Visit and a $100 Cancellation Fee if less than 24 hour notice is given for Surgical Procedures. If an Office Visit is canceled near a patient's refill date, it is possible the patient will either need to be seen for an office visit before a refill can be given or there may be a 5 business day delay to receive the prescription refill. If you have any questions regarding medications or need to reschedule your appointment to a new date, we encourage you to call our office at your convenience! Thank you.

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