Behavioral Program for Chronic Pain

At Ramos Center for Interventional and Functional Pain Medicine, we understand that living with pmb-headchronic pain can dramatically deteriorate your quality of life. For this reason we created the Behavioral Health Program. service addressed to teach to our patients and relatives different techniques to improve their ability to live with chronic pain through the use of proven Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy. This learning and educational program is aimed to better understand you and your pain.

Through our “Chronic Pain Behavioral Program”, we assist in the mind-body interplay between physical pain and depression, anxiety, anger, marital and family stress, insomnia, as well as other challenges that life presents.The underlying goal is to help you live a full life. You as the patient are at the top of our list. Without your willingness to take an active role in the program, nothing that the program has to offer will be helpful since there is currently no cure. Your efforts are key to success.

Meet Marly…


Marly Ayala-Ycaza,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Research Coordinator

Marly Ayala-Ycaza, has extensive knowledge and experience in counseling patients with chronic pain, weight and psychological disorders. There is often a distinct correlation between these disorders that can go unnoticed.  Her focus is on patients who experience eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas, and addictions.  As a Mental Health Counselor, Marly is a medically trained professional who will help you through life’s changes and challenges.

Marly Ayala-Ycaza started her academic preparation with an Associate degree in Nursing at Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil in Ecuador where she was later an Instructor. Her attraction for the human mind inspired her to continue on for a Bachelor degree in General Psychology.

She graduated from Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja and continued her education, obtaining a Master degree in Science of Psychology from the University of Phoenix.  Marly has also dedicated a good part of the last several years working as a research coordinator for several trials. Fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English she is able to provide therapy in any of these languages.

Marly joined the Ramos Center in 2014 and now oversees the Behavioral Therapy Program as a Mental Health Counselor. Additionally, she is coordinating the development of our new Research Department.  Marly’s passion for helping others succeed is evident in her role as Mental Health Counselor. Her ultimate goal is to provide you with the proper treatment, information and tools to help you grow and improve.


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Living With Pain?darr-gr

…and having a full and active life may seem impossible. However, it is actually possible to improve your functioning and quality of life while reducing your suffering. The key, like anything in life, is to have the right skills, support, and direction. Fortunately, there is a scientifically proven method that shows that building a relationship with a health care provider and their staff can, if you are willing to take an active role, help you move from an identity of “disabled patient” to “functional, active person.” The road is not easy, but the rewards are worth it. While traditional medicine has made remarkable advances, chronic pain is still difficult to measure, understand and improve. The good news is advances have been made in helping people to managetheir pain. Our Multi-Modality Pain Program is designed to help you, as an individual with pain, become part of the treatment team and take an active role in regaining control of your life in spite of the pain. This program is focused on the total person, not just the pain.

What is Multi-Modality Pain Management?darr-gr

This means to assess and treat the patient simultaneously in many different areas related to medical, procedural, interventional, behavioral, nutritional and with physical therapy and In order to provide this Multi-Modality service we provide a team of health care providers working directly with you utilizing a variety of measurements, interventions, and strategies for self-management designed to offer a complete program from assessment, treatment, communication, education, and follow up. The treatment is never focused on just the pain, but it takes a holistic approach meaning who you are and how you feel is as much a part of shaping your treatment as your physical problems. While traditional pain clinics may address specific pain problems, they do not offer the complete package needed to help you regain control of your life. It is important that the program provides you with the physical, emotional, and psychological components which are required to improve how you manage your pain and your overall functional capabilities.

Behavioral Health Services Include:

  • Stress Management
  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Biofeedback
  • Visualization
  • Deep Muscle Relaxation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Family Support and Education
  • Psychological Evaluation (for differential diagnosis of mood)
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation (assesses cognitive functions)
  • Pre-Spinal Cord Stimulator Psychological
  • Evaluation
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation/TMS (for depression accompanying pain) 

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Scheduling/Follow Up:

The Ramos Center will work in combination with Comprehensive MedPsych Systems to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care. Patients that are scheduled for behavioral health services will be able to call the office at any time with any questions or concerns.


Just as with all of your medical charges, there is a fee for behavioral health services. If you have Medicare and a secondary insurance, there usually will not be any out-of-pocket charges. If there does happen to be a co-payment, we will attempt to arrange a plan so as not to cause a financial burden.

Call us at 941-708-9555 for more information about our group and individual psychotherapy for patients with or without insurance.