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Ashley-Sexton-Testimonial“I started Physique in the beginning of December 2014. I am now in my 16th week of the program. I have lost a total of 41 lbs and 15 inches so far! Physique is not only a diet program, it is a lifestyle change. Having it be medically managed helps me with the learning process. Most diet programs tell you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. Physique has given me the tools to succeed for life. Once I phase out of the program I am confident I will be able to make the right choices to maintain my weight loss. Seeing Marly, my Health Coach each week keeps me accountable. If I am having any issues or concerns she is always there to work through it with me.” ~ Ashley S.



Ashley’s weight as of August 2015 is 177 lbs.
Her start and end measurements are as follows:
Chest: 114 cm – 101 cm
Arms: 37 cm – 31cm
Waist: 97 cm – 84cm
Hips: 126 cm – 112 cm
Thighs: 69 cm – 60 cm
Body Fat% 42.8% – 28.2%




Ricardo Y.body1

12/14/14 – 178 lbs.

12/21/14 – 168 lbs.

1/21/15 – 160 lbs.

He is holding steady at 160 lbs. as of 5/8/15.




Ideal Goal – 110 lbs.
Week 1 – 128 lbs.
Week 5 – 114 lbs.
Week 8 – 110 lbs.
Week 10 – 108 lbs.

kbBeing petite my entire life, I never had a real struggle with my weight…until I turned 40 years old. Typically, with age comes weight. I exercised moderately and ate fairly healthy…so I thought. After hearing about Physique and seeing testimonials from actual patients, I decided to take action. I was not sure this was going to be the right diet for me; however, my desire to slim down was even greater than my love of food.

During my initial one on one meeting with my Weight Loss Coach Marly, we critiqued my current eating habits and soon realized my diet which included many fresh fruits (sugars) and carbohydrates daily, was turning into pure fat! My weight gain was most obvious in my mid section which was rapidly spreading to my thighs and upper arms. I must admit, the first two weeks that my body was detoxing of sugar and carbs was challenging. I truly had to exercise my discipline. By the third week, I was experimenting with various Ideal Protein products and getting creative with my at home recipes, all while staying within my customized diet plan. By the fifth week, I was looking and feeling better than I have in many years.

Seeing is believing and I am now a true believer of Physique Medically Managed Weight Loss Program. I am only four pounds away from reaching my ideal weight. I feel hopeful that with all of the nutritional education I have learned thus far, the opportunity to supplement my future diet with Ideal Protein products, as well as making smart choices with my own meals, I will be able to sustain my goal weight in the future!

By Week 10, I have surpassed my weight loss goal at 108 lbs. and holding steady. As I enter into Stage 4, I feel that Physique has become a Lifestyle…Not a Diet!
– K.B.

Start Date : April 10 , 2015
Start Weight… 150 LBS
As Of July 31,2015
Weight: 133 LBS

Being in my mid 60’s with degenerative bone disease has been mentally and physically painful and debilitating. Combined with the fact that my metabolism is slowing down dramatically, I felt virtually hopeless as I gradually began to gain weight. Due to my brittle bones, which have caused me to endure 9 surgeries within the past 15 years, I was unable to exercise. When I started to see Dr. Ramos, I was introduced to Physique. Learning that I would not have to exercise in the first phase and the fact that it was medically managed, gave me hope that this might be the perfect diet for me.

16 weeks later, I am only 3 pounds away from my ideal weight loss goal and the beginning of Phase 2. I am feeling stronger, healthier, more vibrant and in much less pain then I have felt in years.

I am extremely hopeful about the future of my overall health!