About Ramos Center

The Ramos Center for Interventional & Functional pain medicine was founded by Dr. Fabian A. Ramos in 2000. The Ramos Center treats patients with chronic pain. A fairly recent specialty, interventional pain medicine, assesses patients, their conditions and determines the possibility of treatment that will help alleviate the pain through a series of options. Most patients with chronic pain will find their pain level significantly reduced after receiving treatment in our clinic. Interventional pain medicine offers milimetrically precise alternatives of treatments performed under direct visualization (fluoroscopy, ct or ultrasound) that can be done while the patient is twilight sedated (patient does not feel the procedure), oral sedation (patient feels but is less anxious) or local anesthesia.

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Our Doctors


Fabian A. Ramos, M.D.

John J. D’Auria, M.D.

Jose E. Sarria, M.D.


Patrick D. Grace, M.D.

Robert F. Benson, M.D.

The Ramos Center frequently performs very precise procedures such as: injection of medical cement to treat fractured vertebras (also called balloon augmentation or kyphoplasty), spinal cord stimulators used to treat a variety of non responsive pain in patients that have failed other types of treatments (placement or electrodes in the spine to change and block the electrical information of pain), epidural injections (to alleviate the inflammation of herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatic pain, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, etc), nerve blocks (used to selectively diagnose the source of pain), facet or spine joint blocks, injection, and radio frequency ablation of the joints of the spine (used to treat arthritic pain of the spine due to osteoarthritis or other type of arthritis), intra-articular injections in hips, shoulders, knees and other joints under precise x-ray guidance (used to treat joint pain).

We complement the treatment of pain with medication management and also work in coordination of other services such as physical therapy, bracing, psychology and various treatment options.

Additional Service Areas: Manatee, Hardee, DeSoto, Charlotte, Arcadia, Venice, Ellenton, Palmetto, Parish, Lakewood Ranch, Myakka, Nokomis, Osprey, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, Longboat Key, Terra Ceia and Sarasota County.