In 2011, a statistic revealed that almost one third of the American population, or an estimated 100 million people, experience chronic pain on a daily basis. It is crucial to understand how we differentiate between acute and chronic pain, as these terms are commonly used by medical professionals.

At Ramos Center, we empathize with the distressing impact of chronic pain on our patients, and we aim to provide them with a solution. In this regard, we will discuss some typical indicators to identify whether your pain is acute or chronic, and how to initiate your healing process.

The first step is to define the distinction between acute and chronic pain.

Acute pain is characterized as a sudden and severe discomfort triggered by a particular and identifiable cause, such as a cut, burn, infection, surgery, or broken bone. Any of these scenarios can result in acute pain. Typically, acute pain diminishes over time and is typically resolved and imperceptible within six months of the injury. Hence, acute pain is deemed a temporary issue.

The review provides a good understanding of chronic pain, its symptoms, and how to differentiate it from acute pain. It also emphasizes the importance of seeking medical help from a chronic pain specialist if the pain lasts longer than 6 months. The information on chronic pain syndrome and the offer of medical help is also beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain. However, it would have been more helpful if the review had mentioned some of the causes of chronic pain and treatment options available for those suffering from it. Overall, the review provides a good introduction to chronic pain and its symptoms, but further information on causes and treatment options would have been beneficial.

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