Dr. Fabian Ramos was quick to recognize the threat of COVID-19 in late February, even before it had reached Florida. Protecting vulnerable patients and preventing community spread became the top priority. To achieve this, the office implemented stringent precautions such as frequent sanitization of commonly touched surfaces and mandatory temperature screenings and mask wearing for staff and patients. Dr. Ramos also procured a six-month supply of N95 masks to equip employees and reassure patients.

The office faced its biggest challenge in March with the introduction of telemedicine, which was not previously allowed for their specialty. Despite restrictions, the office quickly adapted by forming an internal telemedicine team, developing new protocols, researching HIPPA-compliant video services, and training staff. Patients were even provided with tech support and test calls prior to virtual appointments to ensure a seamless experience.

Through telemedicine, the goal was to continue providing care to patients from the safety and comfort of their homes. The office successfully converted 95% of eligible patients to telemedicine and significantly reduced the number of patients in the office. Patients appreciated the efforts to encourage social distancing while continuing their care. The office plans to continue offering telemedicine appointments as long as restrictions are lifted, prioritizing the health and safety of patients and following CDC guidance.

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