Patients frequently inquire about herniated discs, including whether they can heal naturally, the duration of the healing process, treatment options, the possibility of manually repositioning the disc, and the potential benefits of walking. Reach out to the Ramos Center for comprehensive care. Our services extend to individuals residing in Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Palmetto FL, Laurel FL, Venice FL, Englewood FL, Memphis FL, Cortez FL, Port Charlotte FL, and Dunedin FL.


What is Disc Herniation?

Herniated disc is a medical condition that pertains to an issue with a gel-like disc located between the spinal vertebrae. It happens when the supple inner part of the spinal disc protrudes through a fissure in the sturdy outer covering. While some herniated discs may not exhibit any signs, others can inflame adjacent nerves and trigger discomfort, tingling, or muscle weakness in the limb. Treatment for herniated discs is not always necessary, but can involve medication, physical therapy, or even surgery if required.

What are the signs of a herniated disc?

While some individuals may not manifest any indications, others may suffer from numbness, tingling, burning sensations, or weakness in a limb. The affected regions can include the back, arm, leg, or foot.

What are some treatments for Disc Herniations?

If a person is asymptomatic and not in pain, they may not require any interventions. Nevertheless, when necessary, the treatment may involve a back brace, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, or injections, depending on the type of discomfort experienced.