Are you experiencing acute or chronic pain related to any of the following conditions?

  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer
  • Nerve Pain

If so, clinical hypnotherapy might be a viable option for managing your pain. At Ramos Center, our practitioners are trained and experienced in hypnotherapy and can assist you in controlling your pain.

When people hear the term “hypnotherapy”, they often think of being hypnotized by a round object and softly spoken words. However, this is called “stage hypnosis”, and it differs greatly from clinical hypnotherapy.

Here are some common misconceptions that will not happen during your clinical hypnotherapy session:

  • You will not reveal your secrets during hypnotherapy.
  • You will not be convinced that you can be someone you’re not or perform actions against your will.

So, what exactly is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is performed by a licensed Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, who can help you relax, meditate on the pain you are feeling, and provide calming solutions to alter your daily habits.

The primary goal is to build trust and easy communication. When you are relaxed, your subconscious mind has more time to contemplate life choices. This enables you to internalize useful suggestions and improve your routine.

A typical hypnotherapy session follows these basic steps:

  • Your therapist will guide you through breathing and meditation exercises.
  • Once you are relaxed, your therapist will ask you simple questions that you will begin to answer.
  • When a problem is identified, your therapist will offer advice and ask you how you can change the issue at hand.
  • As the session concludes, you will be guided back through breathing exercises until you slowly wake up and become more alert.

Results of Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Studies have demonstrated that clinical hypnosis can be beneficial in treating acute and chronic pain. It has been shown to be effective in managing pain related to burns, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. In one study, 75% of clinical and experimental participants with pain experienced substantial pain relief after undergoing hypnosis.

Schedule Your Hypnotherapy for Pain Management Today!

At Ramos Center, we are dedicated to assisting our patients with pain management. Contact us today at (941) 702-9025 or visit to schedule your hypnotherapy appointment.

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