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Pinched nerves can cause discomfort, difficulty sleeping, and irritability, and they are typically experienced in the neck and back areas. While some cases of pinched nerves can heal on their own over time, it is advisable to seek medical attention if you have been experiencing this condition for more than a month. Your doctor can help identify available treatment options to alleviate the pain caused by a pinched nerve.

What is a Pinched Nerve?

A Pinched Nerve occurs when the surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage, muscles, or tendons, become inflamed and exert pressure on the nerve. Injuries or slipped discs in the spine are also common causes of a pinched nerve. Additionally, excessive weight gain can result in added pressure on the affected area, leading to pinched nerves.

What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve may vary since the pain is experienced differently by each person. Here is a list of common issues that may present themselves in the case of a pinched nerve:

  • Numbness or reduced sensation in a specific area of the body
  • Sharp and shooting pains
  • Pins and needles sensation
  • Muscle weakness.

How can it be treated?

Pinched nerves can be treated using various methods. In most cases, rest and applying heat/cold to the affected area can reduce inflammation. If the condition is severe, a physician may recommend a nonsurgical treatment plan to alleviate symptoms. Physical therapy is also a common treatment option that can effectively alleviate chronic pain and discomfort associated with pinched nerves.

If you suspect that you have a pinched nerve, here are some exercises that may help alleviate the pain.

Here are some exercises that may help alleviate pinched nerve pain:

  • Chin Extension – Interlock your fingers behind your head while sitting down, then slowly move your chin downwards and to the right. Repeat on the left side.
  • Twist – Sit with your legs shoulder-width apart, place your left hand on your right knee, and extend your body forward to stretch your back muscles. Repeat on the other side.
  • Side Bends – Stand up, place your hands on your hips, and lean to both sides while maintaining a straight posture to stretch your lower back.
  • Shoulder Shrugs – Repeatedly shrug your shoulders while standing with both arms at your sides.
  • Bench Press – Hold a broom across your chest while lying on your back. Lift the broom upward until your arms are extended, and your shoulders are straight. Repeat.

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