Recently, a viral video on social media showed two women working as gas station attendants who were visibly impaired by opioid use. The women appeared disoriented and intermittently unconscious while trying to perform their job. This distressing portrayal is the unfortunate reality that America is currently facing, and the problem is worsening.

Many law-abiding citizens who are trying to make a living and survive have become addicted to dangerous opioids, often prescribed by their own physicians. America is in the midst of an opioid epidemic that our medical system has brought upon itself.

At Ramos Center, we strive to identify alternative solutions for our patients before resorting to prescription painkillers. We follow responsible prescribing practices and will never leave our patients to battle opioid addiction on their own. Here are some examples of alternative treatments available at Ramos Center that not only relieve pain but also have long-term health benefits:

Functional Pain Medicine: Functional medicine identifies the underlying causes of pain and weight gain. Unlike integrative medicine, functional medicine does not rely on medication-based treatments. Our practitioners identify the cause and then develop a customized treatment plan.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy helps patients rehabilitate and return to their daily activities following an accident or surgery. Patients work one-on-one with our physical therapists, who gradually assist them in improving their movement and focusing on pain relief techniques when the injured area becomes sore or tense.

Targeted Drug Delivery: If a patient requires drug therapy, Ramos Center offers targeted drug delivery, which involves a subdermal pump that dispenses medication directly into the area of the spinal cord affected by pain. This technique reduces the dosage of pain medication and is more effective in fighting pain without affecting the rest of the body.

Ramos Center believes that community involvement is the only way to combat this epidemic. We have partnered with Drug Free Sarasota and Drug Free Manatee, and we are committed to prescribing appropriate medication and promoting a drug-free environment.

If you have been prescribed opioids, it is recommended that you:

• Secure pills, preferably in a locked cabinet. • Monitor pills, keep track of refills, and control access. • Dispose of unused medications at permanent disposal sites. Click here for a list of drop-off locations! • Take only medications prescribed to you, as directed by your physician. • Talk to your teens about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. • Keep all medications in their original bottles.

If you or a loved one is seeking assistance or alternative pain management options, do not hesitate to visit us at Ramos Center. We welcome walk-ins and encourage you to call us to schedule appointments or ask questions.

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