What is the STAR™ procedure?

The STAR™ procedure is a revolutionary palliative care option that can provide much-needed relief to patients in advanced stages of cancer, significantly improving their quality of life. This procedure provides fast pain relief from painful metastatic spinal tumors without interfering with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Targeted Radiofrequency Ablation (t-RFA) can be performed at any time, before, during, or after standard protocols if spine pain is intense. It is also an option for patients who have already reached their maximum radiation dosage or have radiation-resistant tumors.

While conventional methods can take weeks and require multiple treatments to achieve meaningful pain reduction, t-RFA has been clinically proven to provide rapid and durable pain relief for patients.

Am I a candidate for the STAR™ procedure?

If you suffer from painful metastatic spinal tumors, spinal tumor radiofrequency ablation may be a palliative care option that can help alleviate your intense pain. This treatment often eliminates the need for narcotics and greatly improves a person’s quality of life.