What are PRP Injections and Stem Cell Therapy?

PRP therapy and stem cell therapy are two distinct forms of regenerative medicine used to address a range of injuries and conditions in the body. These treatments have become increasingly popular for orthopedic ailments.

PRP therapy involves extracting platelet-rich plasma from a blood sample through a simple needle withdrawal. This plasma contains growth factors and healing properties that can be used to treat injuries or conditions. Although platelets are essential for healing injuries, many people do not fully recover from orthopedic injuries or find the recovery process to be lengthy. In such cases, PRP therapy can be beneficial.

Stem cell therapy differs from PRP therapy in that stem cells are taken from bone marrow or fat deposits. Stem cells are unspecialized and have the ability to replace various types of specialized cells in the body as needed. However, stem cells are not as easily obtainable as platelets from a blood sample, as every individual has a finite supply of them in their bone marrow or fat deposits. Extracting stem cells is therefore a more complicated process.