For decades, targeted drug delivery has been discussed and tested, but only recently have scientists begun to utilize its potential in medicine. From cancer to HIV/AIDS, incredible outcomes have been achieved with treatments aimed at defeating various illnesses. At the Ramos Center, we specialize in chronic pain management and have advanced targeted drug delivery treatments available for our patients who are in need of relief.

Targeted drug delivery offers numerous benefits for patients with chronic pain. Below, we compare conventional and targeted drug delivery to highlight their differences.

Conventional Drug Delivery: Conventional drug delivery refers to the administration of drugs that treat the body as a whole. In the context of pain medication, this means that even though medication is intended for a specific area of the body, the whole body will experience its effects. While this may seem beneficial, there are several reasons why it can be harder on the body and less effective for pain management.

Equal Distribution – Medication is distributed evenly throughout the entire body. Lower Efficiency – Due to equal distribution, there is less medication available to numb the specific area experiencing pain. More Frequent Dosing – Because conventional drug delivery is less effective, medication needs to be taken more frequently to numb the affected area. Stronger Side Effects – Side effects impact the entire body. Higher Dosing Tolerance – The body becomes immune to pain medication more quickly, necessitating an increase in dosage to maintain pain-free outcomes.

Targeted Drug Delivery: In the case of pain management, targeted drug delivery involves a pump that delivers medication directly into the area of the spinal cord affected by pain. This means that the nerve leading to and from that specific area will be numb, but other parts of the body will not be affected as they would be with conventional drug delivery. This approach is suitable for patients seeking long-term chronic pain relief and should only be used when conventional drug therapy has been attempted and proven ineffective or side effects have been too severe.

Direct Distribution – Medication is delivered directly to the specific area affected by pain. High Efficiency – Due to direct distribution, medication works faster and longer in the affected area. Less Frequent Dosing – The medication does not need to be administered as frequently as with conventional drug delivery to achieve desired results. Minimal Side Effects – As the drug is targeted to a specific area of the body, the harsh side effects felt throughout the body with conventional drug delivery are absent. Lower Dosing Tolerance – The body has a lower tolerance overall, and pain medication does not need to be increased as frequently.

Our team of knowledgeable doctors at the Ramos Center is here to help you find a solution to your chronic pain. We offer a range of services and treatments to help improve your quality of life from the day you visit us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and find out if targeted drug delivery therapy is the right choice for you. We serve patients from Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, Laurel, Venice, Englewood, Memphis, Cortez, Port Charlotte, and Dunedin, Florida.

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